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UFC Quick Quote: No Rampage, no problem in Memphis


"[Rampage] hasn't been a focal point, and you know why? Because we brought (in) B.J. and Diego, man. It's a real fight, you know what I mean? We didn't say, 'Hey, Rampage isn't here, so we're bringing in Houston Alexander.' ... When he [Jackson] fell off and that whole thing happened, we knew we had to bring a strong card.... I'm more disappointed in him than anything. I don't know if you've followed me and how I react sometimes, but I get angry and I usually get in fights with all these guys. But we've done a lot for him. I think we've been really good to Rampage. He has his own ways he looks at it, sees it, and it just [stinks]. We put him on the show. The promotion on the show was great because he and Rashad hate each other, and he's been [complaining] to me since he came into this thing to fight in his hometown of Memphis. And now we have B.J. Penn fighting in Memphis.... I think he hurt himself. I really think he did. But he goes out there and gets a couple of knockouts, people will forget real quick."

-- UFC President Dana White talks to the Commercial Appeal about tonight's re-worked main event between lightweight champion BJ Penn and number one contender, Diego Sanchez. Former light heavyweight champion and hometown product, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, was originally expected to carry the card. But when he got a "bad attitude" for the "A Team" movie, White and Co. were forced to bring out the big guns to make local fans happy. Are you more satisfied with the card's latest incarnation or does the absence of Rampage have a big impact?

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