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UFC Quick Quote: Rampage Jackson wants to fight, not spell


"I had a very unpleasant 45-minute phone call with Rampage before the TUF finale (on Dec. 5). We started fighting on texts that day. He sent me a really bad text so I sent him a really bad text back. He wrote back, 'Call me, I can't spell good enough to fight on texts (laughs).'"

-- UFC President Dana White tells the Las Vegas Sun about his recent grammatically-challenged exchange with "retired" former light heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson, prior to The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale on Dec. 5. The Memphis, Tenn., native was supposed to be the centerpiece of the promotion's trip to the "Volunteer State" this weekend; however, he hung up the gloves prematurely after a scheduling conflict interfered with his role as BA Baracus on the "A-Team" movie set. Jackson was booked to fight Rashad Evans -- his opposing coach on this season of TUF -- before the spat. He has since indicated that he will return to the Octagon to shut up "Sugar" once and for all. And White intends to give Jackson that opportunity, despite their differences, as long as Evans can get through Thiago Silva at UFC 108 on Jan. 2, 2010. At this rate, even if Evans lost to Silva, it would be hard to imagine any other scenario under which the two jabber-jawing personalities don't settle their score as soon as possible. That is, of course, assuming the promotion learned anything at all from the Matt Hughes and Matt Serra saga.

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