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Frank Mir: I drove myself insane thinking I might never fight Lesnar again


Props: Las Vegas Sun


"I remember I panicked when he stuck me against the cage (at UFC 100) and then I remember staring at Herb. I even made a joke like, ‘I didn’t get out, did I?’ When I saw Brock screaming and yelling at me I was confused because I was thinking, ‘What happened from the time I blacked out and the time I woke up?' When he got sick it screwed up my training because he was such a driving force for me. I went into a depression for two to three days where I didn’t go to the gym, I got sick — I drove myself insane thinking we may possibly not fight again. I couldn’t live with that."

Heading into his UFC 107 bout against Cheick Kongo on Saturday night (Dec. 12), former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir reflects on the Brock Lesnar health situation and how the loss of the current champ nearly put the Zuffa veteran in a Las Vegas nut house. Mir is 1-1 against the recuperating goliath and uses the tease of a rubber match to fuel his current drive back to the top of the contender list. Will Cheick Kongo stop him from getting there?

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