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UFC results and LIVE fight coverage for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale on Dec. 5 in Las Vegas


The time has finally arrived: Kimbo Slice will tonight make his unexpected Octagon debut opposite Houston Alexander.

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale is scheduled to take place from the "The Pearl" at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, this evening (Sat., Dec. 5, 2009).

TUF 10 Finale will also feature a showdown between the top two finalists from the Spike TV reality show, Roy Nelson and Brendan Schaub, as well as a light heavyweight war featuring Jon "Bones" Jones as he inches his way closer to title contention against Matt "The Hammer" Hamill. is delivering LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of TUF 10 Finale below RIGHT NOW! In addition, up-to-the-minute quick results of all the under card action has been recorded.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the Spike TV broadcast to share their thoughts on the action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 10 before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after TUF 10 Finale.
Without further delay, see below for the latest TUF 10 Finale results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


Roy Nelson defeats Brendan Schaub via knockout (strikes) in round one
Matt Hamill defeats Jon Jones via disqualification (illegal elbow) in round one
Kimbo Slice defeats Houston Alexander via unanimous decision
Frank Edgar defeats Matt Veach via submission (rear naked choke) in round two
Matt Mitrione defeats Marcus Jones via knockout (strikes) in round two
James "The Machine" McSweeney defeats Darrill Schoonover via technical knockout (strikes) in round three
Jon Madsen defeats Justin Wren via split decision
John "Doomsday" Howard defeats Dennis "Superman" Hallman via knockout (strikes) in round three
Brian "All American" Stann defeats Rodney "Shonuff The Master" Wallace via unanimous decision
Mark Bocek defeats Joe "The Southside Strangler" Brammer via submission (rear naked choke) in round one

Druby Mania here ... No pleasantries tonight. Let's get crackin'!

Roy "Big Country" Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub (265-pound limit)

Round one: Schaub starts the action with a quick jab and Nelson responds with a takedown attempt. Doesn't work. Schaub hits him again, but Nelson gets the takedown on the second effort. Nelson now in side control. Works for a submission but Schaub defends nicely. Schaub is smothered by "Big Country." He explodes out and is up on his feet all of a sudden. He lands a nice combination. Nelson throws a big right. Schaub misses with one of his own. Stiff jab from Schaub. Big right from Nelson and Schaub answers back right away. Nelson lands another right. Schaub lands a left to the face. Nelson unleashes a right hand that drops Schaub instantly. He's unconscious! Nelson lands another blow just for good measure and Schaub is toast. He's still out. Yikes.Your TUF 10 winner, folks, Roy Nelson.

Final result: Roy Nelson defeats Brendan Schaub via knockout (strikes) in round one



Matt "The Hammer" Hamill vs. Jon "Bones" Jones (205-pound limit)

Round one: Jones comes out with a "funky" stance and Hamill responds by switching stances. Hamill pumps a left jab that doesn't do much. Spinning back kick from Jones that doesn't land, but his right hand does. Hamill throws a spinning back fist that misses. He goes for a takedown and Jones feeds him a knuckle sandwich as he tries to finish it, which he doesn't. Leg kick from Jones that lands. He gets a trip and lands in full mount. Here come the elbows and punches. It's relentless. Hamill is taking serious punishment. He's cut wide open now. More elbows from Jones. Hamill is still flat on his back, doing his best to block them. Jones lands a devastating elbow that forces the referee to step in and stop the action. Hamill is unable to continue. "Bones" just served up a complete whoopin.' But it apparently doesn't matter. Jones is disqualified for the "12-to-six elbows" elbows despite the utter domination. Hamill, however, it's revealed can't continue because of a shoulder injury. Odd.

Final result: Matt Hamill defeats Jon Jones via disqualification (illegal elbow) in round one



Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson vs. Houston "The Assassin" Alexander (215-pound limit)

Round one: Alright ... here we go! Let's see if the former YouTube sensation, Kimbo Slice, has what it takes to make a name for himself inside the eight-walled cage. Kimbo comes out the aggressor as Alexander circles. He might be getting dizzy. Slice plays ring-around-the-rosie for about 90 seconds now. Alexander throws two leg kicks into thin air. Now an inside left leg kick that taps Slice's thigh. Crowd starts to get impatient. Alexander answers with another inside leg kick. Slice has yet to unload. Finally! They start to swing, but nothing major lands for either fighter. Slice throws some hooks and Alexander attempts to Muay Thai clench and land some knees but Slice gets out fast. Alexander continues to work on the front leg of Slice. And that's about it. A fast flurry or two, but certainly not the fireworks that everyone expected. Let's see if that changes in round two.

Round two: Alexander starts the second the same as the first, circling. Slice still stalkiing, waiting for an opening. He swings and misses. Alexander throws that inside leg kick. Slice answers with a punch. He gets a takedown, and falls into full mount! Alexander gets up fast, but Kimbo drills him with a punch. Alexander slips and Slice pounces. He scores a powerful, and awesome, Greco Roman toss and has Alexander on the ground. Slice in full mount once again. Here comes the ground and pound. Alexander gives up his back and Slice goes for a choke, but it's not close. Alexander tries to reverse and Slice is able to once again scramble and get full mount. Alexander escapes out the back door. Slice lands another good shot when they are upright, closes the distance and slams Alexander to end the round. Wow. Great round for Kimbo. Eye opening.

Round three: Alexander circling again, but much slower in the final round. He looks spent. Here we go! Punches are flying! They both eat jabs. Alexander looks gassed. Slice hits him with a short right. And a left jab. Slice swings and misses. Alexander drops Slice with a leg kick, but lets him get back to his feet. Slice responds with a quick takedown. He's working half guard. Slice softens him up with body blows. The referee stand them up. Final minute. Alexander with yet another leg kick. And another. And another. They close the distance and start trading blows, but they're throwing marshmallows at this point. We go to a decision!

Final result: Kimbo Slice defeats Houston Alexander via unanimous decision



Frankie "The Answer" Edgar vs. Matt Veach (155-pound limit)

Round one: Veach starts the action right away with a looping left, which he threw to set up a takedown attempt. Edgar ain't having it. Veach goes for another takedown and he's stuffed again. Third time is the charm -- Veach secures a double leg, scoops up Edgar and slams him to the mat. Edgar hits a switch and gets to his feet, but Veach slams him back down to the floor. Edgar gets to his feet quick again and Veach drills him with a left on the break. Edgar responds with a big body blow. Veach lunges in with a left, but it's blocked by Edgar. Edgar nails him with a stiff left jab. He goes for a takedown this time, but Veach stuffs it. He misses with a wild haymaker and falls to the ground. Veach throws a left that clips Edgar on the top of the head and goes for another takedown, but the horn blares to end the round. Suprising round. Have to give it to Veach.

Round two: This starts off the same as the first, with Veach going for a takedown. Edgar stops it, but gets pressed up against the fence. He circles out and lands a nice one-two. Then a stiff right jab. He drills him with a big right on the chin and Veach has spaghetti legs. Edgar pounces and keeps the pressure on. He rolls to his belly to avoid the abuse and Edgar boxes the ears. Veach is hurt bad. Looks like the referee wants to stop it. Edgar goes for the throat and sinks in a rear naked. It's in tight. He rolls to his back and Veach is forced to tap. Wow. That was fast. Great finish by Edgar.

Final result: Frank Edgar defeats Matt Veach via submission (rear naked choke) in round two



Marcus "The Darkness" Jones vs. Matt Mitrione (265-pound limit)

Round one: Here we go, kicking off the main card action with a brawl between to former professional footballers. Jones closes the distance from the start and ties up Mitrione, ragdolling him down to the canvas. He's looking to secure full mount, but Mitrione is able to scoot out and actually gets back to his feet. Jones goes for the takedown almost immediately -- he doesn't want to seem to stand and trade with Mitrione. He eats a few punches on his way in, but manages to once again get Mitrione pinned up against the fence. They trade knees. Now they make back to the center of the cage. Mitrione goes for a sloppy takedown and Jones slips in a guillotine and sits down with Jones on top of him. Mitrione eventually works his way out and gets to his feet. Jones follows him, and once they engage, Jones scores another takedown. Mitrione gets to his feet, again, and on the break nails Jones with a big punch. He looks hurt, but Jones avoids any further damage and nails yet another takedown. That's how the round ends.

Round two: The second frame starts and the pair touch gloves. Mitrione uncorks a big right hand that connects flush, then another as "Big Baby" crashes to the ground. He's out. Mitrione gives him one more punch while he's motionless on the ground before the referee waves him off. It's over! Jones goes takes an early nappy once again ... fast.

Final result: Matt Mitrione defeats Marcus Jones via knockout (strikes) in round two


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