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First of '300 to 400' UFC gyms opens its doors in Concord, Calif.




"This was the natural evolution for our brand. UFC revolutionized traditional martial arts. It's a perfect fit to us to expand into the fitness area.... We're not looking to train or create fighters. We're looking to create a fun family environment."

UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta details his vision for the new UFC Gym enterprise, a concept that was formally introduced earlier this year. In less than a year, the mixed martial arts company has already cut the ribbon on its first "state-of-the-art, 38,000-square-foot facility" in Concord, California. Fertitta and Co. envision as many as 400 gyms "across the United States within five years." UFC Gym members won't necessarily learn how to fight, but will endure similar training opportunities, including tractor tire flipping and rope climbing. Not sure about the sledgehammers. Of course, members will have access to fighters who drop in for meet and greets, as well as "enjoy benefits like priority access to tickets and first-look privileges to news and events." How's that sound, Maniacs?

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