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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones is going to get funky on Matt Hamill for Greg Jackson


"... they’re attacking my main weaknesses. Greg is big on getting his athletes to close up their gaps. My jiu-jitsu has to be my weakest department so he's trying to close that hole up. I've been doing a lot of wrestling and a lot of jiu-jitsu.... It's amazing. It's just a total reality check on how not good I actually am. You know what I mean? I go from a school (in New York) where I beat up everyone, and now I get tapped out and guys try to kick my head off. It's an everyday thing. It's just a big reality check in how much work I actually have to do still.... One thing about Greg Jackson is that he sees who I am and he respects who I am and he allows me to be who I am. He tells me every day, 'I love your creativity, Jon. I want more of that. What is that called? Do more of that funky thing.' He loves it. The only thing he forces is for me to be able to push the pace. Instead of one flying knee, he wants six flying knees per round. Instead of a few jabs, he wants 20 jabs per round. He wants combinations, he wants punches in bunches. He wants (me) to use the base of (conventional) fighting to set up the funkiness. He embraces it, he just wants me to take pride in this new set of lungs that I have."

-- Promising, talented and electrifying light heavyweight prospect Jon Jones talks to about the strides he has made to complete his all-around mixed martial arts skills thanks in large part to super trainer, Greg Jackson. "Bones" has rattled off three very impressive wins since his Octagon debut back at UFC 87: "Seek and Destroy" last year. So impressive, in fact, that he is now set to headline The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 Finale on Spike TV next Saturday (Dec. 5) opposite Matt Hamill. Will the new and improved Jones drop "The Hammer" on Hamill or does he still have a long road ahead before putting a dent in the upper echelon of the 205-pound division?

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