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Slim Hardy: Will the real UFC welterweights please shut up, please shut up

Las Vegas Review Journal


"I get doubted all the time. Regardless of what I do or who I beat, people always underestimate me. They've never given me the respect I deserve. Fighting GSP, if I can give him a good beating, people might start to change their mind. Josh Koscheck's at the back of a long line of people that have something negative to say about me. I'll shut them up one at a time. I understand that people are a little irked and a little surprised that I'm getting a title shot, but at the end of the day who is left? Georges St. Pierre has done a good job of clearing out the division. The two top guys around are (Jon) Fitch and (Thiago) Alves, and they need a couple wins before they get back to a title shot. You don't want to see the same guys fighting for a title over and over again. One thing I've realized about this fight is I'm not going to be the good guy. You can't say anything bad about Georges St. Pierre because he's such nice guy to the point where it's a little boring because he never says anything nasty about anyone. Someone's got to hype the fight up because he's just going to smile and bow every time you say something bad about him."

UFC welterweight number one contender Dan Hardy has a message for all the Doubting Thomases -- including former number one contender Josh Koscheck -- who believes "The Outlaw" has no business fighting for the 170-pound title based on decision victories over Marcus Davis and Mike Swick. While Hardy may not have been around the top of the division for very long, he is considered a fresh face for "Rush" and could help sell the contest with his colorful personality. Does he have a chance to win it all? That's what the comment section is for. Let's hear your take.


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