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Watch out welterweights -- Ben Saunders is always down to bang




"I'm always down to bang, man. My initial martial arts training came from Jeet Jun Do and striking background. I know what I'm good at and I say almost anybody's going to be vulnerable to my knees, whether it's to the face or the body or the arms -- whatever, it's gonna work either way. [Davis] in particular, when I fight people who are shorter than me it definitely works out even better. People shot me off like, 'Oh, I beat bums, I'm a nobody and this and that.' It kinda hurt a little bit but at the same time I know what I'm capable of and I didn't show what I was able to do in that Swick fight and it actually worked against me. I knew that this fight was going to be very important for me to come out and not just win, but demolish my opponent and get my name back on the contender list."

Ben Saunders' post-fight celebration includes a warning to fellow 170-pound competitors that his knees, that put Marcus Davis to sleep at last night's UFC 106 event from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, will help propel him back into the mix of eligible welterweight title contenders. "Killa B" went limp against Mike Swick last June, but came out confident and aggressive last night, sending Marcus Davis to napsville for the first time in his career. Expect to see the former Ultimate Fighter back in action sooner rather than later -- but can we expect the same thing from the 36-year-old "Irish Hand Grenade," who now has dropped two straight against up-and-coming prospects?

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