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Jose Aldo: If you think my striking is good, you should see my jiu-jitsu


Props: OC Register


"I’m young and I know it takes a lifetime to get a dream like this. With everything that happened to me back in the days, now it’s like a dream come true. I always want to please my public, my fans, and I want to keep my fights standing. That’s what everybody expects. But, like I said before, I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under master Andre Pederneiras and it’s my base. Jiu-Jitsu is my base. So if you think I’m a good striker, you are going to be very impressed with my ground fighting."

Newly crowned WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo celebrates his stunning TKO victory over Mike Brown at WEC 44 last Wednesday night (Nov. 18) in Las Vegas. "Junior" has rattled off six straight (T)KO victories since joining the Zuffa roster back in June 0f 2008 and has looked about as unbeatable as you can get inside the cage, doing it exclusively with his striking. That however, is just a bonus to his jiu-jitsu game, which Aldo contends is his fighting foundation. The Brazilian earned his black belt under Andre Pederneiras -- the same teacher to award BJ Penn his black belt back in 2000. Can anyone on the WEC roster stop Aldo's meteoric rise to greatness?

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