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Dustin Hazelett won’t feel Karo Parisyan’s 'heat' when working off his back at UFC 106

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"I’m doing what I can to prepare for him, but it’s hard to prepare for somebody like Karo because there are very few people in the world that are as good at Judo without the gi on as he is. So it’s really hard to find somebody to prepare for that, but, you know, I’m going into this fight kind of with the same mentality that I went into the Koscheck and Burkman fight with. And that is, I’m probably not going to stop every single takedown attempt, but I am comfortable off my back and I’m working a lot off my back and a lot on my striking, because it’s not a guarantee that I am going to be able to stop the takedown. So if he takes me down I’m not going to be as worried about it because I’ve prepared for that."

--Submission specialist Dustin Hazelett sat down with Pro MMA Radio recently to discuss his upcoming fight against Karo Parisyan this Saturday at UFC 106: "Ortiz vs. Griffin 2." His fight against "The Heat" will be his first since UFC 91 in November of 2008, where "McLovin'" won his second straight submission of the night award with an inverted armbar over former UFC fighter Tamdan "The Barncat" McCrory. Can he make it three straight against the talented Judoka?

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