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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10: Episode 10 recap and discussion


Episode 10 of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 gets underway and Matt Mitrione apologizes to Coach Evans for having a scrambled brain. "Meathead" is playing up his injuries, whether they be real or perceived, and now the house is in suspense over whether or not Mitrione will be medically cleared to compete.

Rashad is not entirely convinced this isn't an attempt to get out of fighting without looking like a bitch. Unfortunately it may already be past that point. Back at the house, James McSweeney blasts Mitrione for being a "punk," whining about made-up maladies when there is a house full of guys who would do anything to get another crack at UFC stardom.

Kimbo Slice gets on the stationary bike in hopes that he gets the call-up, but his knee looks a little tender and Coach Jackson warns him about the effectiveness of leg kicks from a "tree-chopper" like James McSweeney.

At the commercial break we get a nice little promo from the boys at Spike, "Home of the only MMA that matters." Then a minute later they show an HDNet promo of Fedor and other Strikeforce guys doing their thing.

Nothing like consistency.

Brendan Schaub is not worried about the hands of Jon Madsen, rather the takedown. He's also worried about the lack of instruction from Coach Evans, who refuses to guide one fighter over the other since both spent time as Rashad's disciple during the preliminary rounds.

Kimbo gets his knee checked out and the MRI shows a spot that's missing some cartilage. Slice as we learn has a needle phobia so draining the afflicted area is temporarily out of the question.

Now things get interesting as UFC President Dana White brings Evans and Jackson to the beach volleyball court for this season's Coaches Challenge. They play for $10,000 in cash and $1500 in green to the contestants on the winning team.

The challenge pits Rashad Evans and Mike Van Ardsdale vs. Goose and Maverick, I mean uh, Rampage and Tiki Ghosn.

Dana is surprised how well they play despite their inexperience. Rampage takes game one and Rashad takes game two. Dana steals my Top Gun reference but I'm leaving it in there anyway in protest of the way he flaunts the death of PRIDE FC with his T-shirt.

Team Evans wins the challenge and collects the cash. Rampage tries to be a good sport but (surprise)  they end up in another verbal spat. When is this season over?

Later that night Kimbo can be seen floating in the pool trying to figure out how to deal with his bum knee. They make him an ice bath and he reluctantly agrees to put his nuts on ice. The house is hysterical as the Florida resident agonizes over the icy water. He quickly scurries out and jumps back into the warm pool.

In training, Brendan gets annoyed that Coach Evans spends a lot of time working hands with Jon Madsen. Schaub figures it's a wrestler thing and mat technicians stick together. Or something like that.

Another commercial break and this time we get a preview for the movie "Armored," which proceeds to reveal every plot twist in the entire flick in the span of thirty seconds. Thanks for saving me the ten bucks at the local theater.

The next day Rashad confronts Matt Mitrione and demands an answer. Are you fighting? He stammers and stutters and eventually blames Evans for pressuring him to make a decision to fight in spite of his head trauma. In the confessional, Mitrione admits he just wants the show to be over so he can go home.

Dana shows up at the gym to give his annual "Do you wanna be a f'ing fighter?" speech and directs it at "Meathead."

We finally get to the weigh-ins and both Schaub (239) and Madsen (247) make weight. Dana tries to sell it as a competitive fight but I don't buy it. What I do buy is the rare Jardine cameo in Schaub's locker room as he psyches himself up for the fight.

Madsen has nothing to say except that he plans to do his talking inside the cage.

Quarterfinal elimination fight #2: Brendan Schaub (4-0) vs. Jon Madsen (1-0)

Round 1: Madsen shoots but Schaub isn't having it. They bob and weave for a full minute. Someone screams "NICE!" At what? Madsen shoots again and gets caught in a guillotine but powers Schaub up and gets the takedown. He tries to push him to the fence from half-guard but Schaub keeps his feet firmly against the cage. Ref warns Madsen to advance position. He doesn't and they get stood up. Single leg for Madsen but Schaub defends and they go to the cage. Madsen eats a knee. And another. Madsen drops a level, eats a right and secures the takedown. Schaub against the cage but pushes off. Madsen in side control but doesn't look like he knows what to do with it. Back to half-guard. Ref warns him to work. Round expires with Schaub getting smothered. In between rounds, McSweeney tells Schaub "great work." For what, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe grabbing the fence and then the shorts? I score it 10-9 for Madsen on takedowns and control.

Round 2: Someone yells "Gotta let 'em go Brendan." Finally some good advice. Madsen misses a right but grabs a single. Schaub defends and lands a few knees. Madsen shoots again and slips, but recovers and drives Schaub to the cage. They push off and Madsen drops his hands, looking gassed. Schaub uses Madsen's slower reaction time to cream him with a right. Fight over.

Brendan Schaub defeats Jon Madsen via KO (punch).

After the fight, Dana lauds the performance and cautions the one dimensional approach of wrestling. Schaub thinks he has what it takes to go all the way and Madsen hopes for another chance to prove himself down the road.

Stay tuned next week for a four-fight, two hour episode! Who will fight James McSweeney? Kimbo Slice or Matt Mitrione? And Darryl Schoonover takes on "The Darkness" Marcus Jones. Who will go on to the Dec. 5 TUF Finale? Find out next week!

See you in seven!

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