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TUF luck: Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy will not coach The Ultimate Fighter 11


Reigning UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre is expected to face number one contender Dan Hardy in Spring of 2010 -- but it won't be as a Coach on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). is extinguishing some of the flames on a recent report that suggested the 170-pound rivals would first match wits with a team of budding amateurs to see who was the better coach -- prior to determining who was the better fighter.

As expected, St. Pierre fans were in a "Rush" to see the Canadian superstar in action and didn't feel like waiting an entire year for him to satisfy his obligations to reality television.

Whether it was that backlash or the lessons learned from past seasons (like the Matt Serra/Matt Hughes debacle) -- or perhaps just misinformation, it seems that TUF 11 will be in search of coaches not currently vying for a divisional title.

The Ultimate Fighter 11 will feature middleweight and light heavyweight fighters and is expected to premier in April 2010 on Spike TV.

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