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Brock Lesnar sick in hospital with bacterial infection in intestines

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UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has been hospitalized with a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract and his fighting career could be at risk "depending on how serious it is," according to remarks from UFC President Dana White in the latest article from the Associated Press.

Over the weekend, UFC President Dana White provided an alarming update on his condition, saying that he was "very, very sick" and that he was "not going to be getting well any time soon."

Of course, conspiracy theories and hack medical diagnoses flooded the Internet. White didn't reveal the mystery illness at the time to protect Lesnar's medical privacy; however, it now appears that he's let the cat out of the bag to tamp down the raging speculation.

Here's a snip from White:

"He's in stable condition and should be released soon. He's never in good spirits and he's not in good spirits now."

Lesnar was supposed to headline UFC 106 this upcoming weekend (Nov. 21) opposite Shane Carwin before coming down with an undisclosed illness, which was eventually revealed to be mononucleosis.

He was already ruled out of his rescheduled bout against Carwin at UFC 108 on Jan. 2, 2010, because his condition was not improving. Then the 32-year-old Behemoth most recently collapsed at a recent promotional appearance in Canada.

It's unclear at this time if and when Lesnar will return to action. In addition, White did not mention any immediate plans to stage an interim division title fight until Lesnar's status is clarified.

We'll keep you posted.

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