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UFC Quick Quote: Dan Hardy intends to put a beating on GSP

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"I had a few opportunities [at UFC 105] and did not go after them. I handled (Swick) and hurt him several times. I have all the skills to cause (Georges St. Pierre) a lot of problems, and he is only human. He’s a great athlete very good at winning and putting together a gameplan; but he is not a fighter like me. And I’m going to get in there and my intention is to hurt him, put a beating on him. In a 25 minute fight, it’s a long time to keep my hands off his chin."

-- Number one welterweight contender Dan Hardy (via ) joins a long list of former challengers who also believed they had what it takes to dethrone reigning 170-pound champion Georges St. Pierre. "The Outlaw" is fresh of a unanimous decision victory over fellow surging welterweight Mike Swick at last Saturday's UFC 105: "Couture vs. Vera" event in Manchester. Does Hardy, who only has one finish in four Octagon appearances, have the skill set to beat "Rush?" Or does he simply need a full gas tank and a well-placed bomb? Opinions please.