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UFC Quick Quote: Brock Lesnar collapses in Canada, won't be better 'anytime soon'


"He's in rough shape, he's in really bad shape. He is not well and he is not getting any better.... He's very, very sick and he's going to be out for a while. He's got a lot of problems. He's got mono and he's got something else wrong with him. I know what's wrong with him, he just doesn't want me talking about it. He doesn't have cancer or AIDS or anything like this, (but) he's got some problems, man. He dropped up there and had to go to hospital.... He's not going to be getting well any time soon."

-- UFC President Dana White (via gives the latest update on his ailing heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, during the UFC 105 post-event press conference. Lesnar was forced out of his upcoming title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC 106 on Nov. 21 because of an undisclosed illness, which was eventually revealed to be mononucleosis. Now it appears that the 32-year-old Behemoth is much worse for the wear, collapsing at a recent promotional appearance in Canada. He was already ruled out of his rescheduled bout against Carwin at UFC 108 on Jan. 2, 2010, and now it appears that his return will be open-ended as he recovers from whatever poison is in his system. In fact, White indicated that Lesnar, who is currently in a hospital in North Dakota, may have to go to the Mayo Clinic "to figure out what's wrong with this guy." Get well soon, champ.

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