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UFC 105 results and fight-by-fight coverage TONIGHT from Manchester (Nov. 14)!

Click the banner above or right here for detailed results and blow-by-blow coverage of UFC 105: "Couture vs. Vera."

UFC 105 already took place earlier today LIVE overseas. To check out quick results of all the action click here (Beware of spoilers!).

For those of you who decided to try and stick it out until the bitter end ... we've got you covered as usual below. If you’re going to leave comments and discuss the fights with all the other readers be sure to do it on the main UFC 105 results post and not this one.

Important reminder: Please be mindful of other readers by not revealing premature UFC 105 results below. UFC 105 quick results and discussion (beware of spoilers!) can be found right here.

Enjoy the show, Maniacs!

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