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UFC Quick Quote: A 'horrified' Shane Carwin feels bad for the 500 people stiffed by Lesnar's illness

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"I was just kind of horrified that (Brock Lesnar) would even get in the face of the opponent he had just beaten (at UFC 100). It was totally disrespectful to Frank, and that’s the part that just started it all off. You know, one of the first things you learn when you walk into any mixed martial arts gym or dojo is respect and discipline, and especially for your opponents and your training partners. So that was the first thing that teed it off, and, you know, the flipping off of the crowd. You know, that was another thing. They can boo or whatever. You know I got booed when I was in England, heavily, and you can turn those boos into cheers with some simple comments. And then, you know, the part about getting on top of his wife and stuff. You know, that kind of horrified me, too, just because I have a ton of respect for my wife and my family, and they always come first. And, you know, I would never make remarks like that. There’s a lot of people that are upset that 106 isn’t happening. That was one of my immediate reactions, you know, when I found out from the media guy. He asked me what my reaction to it was. I told him my heart had sank and I told him I felt bad for all my family and friends that were planning on attending the fight. Just in this local area, from the town I am (from), there were about 500 people going."

UFC heavyweight number one contender Shane Carwin talks to Pro MMA Radio about his disappointment for himself and his fans after his title fight with Brock Lesnar was canceled from UFC 106. The champ's nagging illness has forced the fight into limbo once again, as a date to decide the heavyweight championship remains uncertain. Carwin has not competed since his first round knockout victory over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96 back in April. If and when his fight with Brock Lesnar actually comes to fruition, will Carwin finally get his chance to show Lesnar the meaning of respect? Or will the former WWE headliner make "The Engineer" eat his own words?

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