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WEC President Reed Harris creating a stacked PPV 'You just gotta watch'



"When we decided to focus on the lighter weights we knew we had our work cut out for us. But if you look at boxing for example, it took many yeas, but now the lightweight guys are the guys everybody is interested in. If you look at the time frame, I only started really focusing on the light weights about eight months ago. Now look where we are at. Everyone in the MMA industry says the best lightweights in the world fight for WEC. I get calls from across the world, from Japan, from Korea, from Brazil, with coaches saying 'I've got lightweight fighters we want to bring into the WEC, because these guys want to fight the best.' It used to be the other way around. We used to have to chase after them. Obviously we've got guys like Miguel (Torres), Brian Bowles, Urijah Faber, Mike Brown, and Jose Aldo. We're starting to build this huge list of guys that people are interested in. I know if we do a pay-per-view I am going to have to have a completely stacked card. Deeper than anything I've ever done. And it's going to have to be fights people want. I watched the Countdown show the other day. Once the fans understand the fighters and what the fight is about, then you just gotta watch."

WEC President Reed Harris promises to deliver a stacked card when the UFC sister promotion eventually enters the world of pay-per-views in 2010. The WEC has long been (and will continue to be) on the Versus network but Harris is confident that he has not only the business model, but also the talent pool in which to successfully create a future for the WEC in the world of pay-per-view. Any Maniacs out there willing to part with a few extra bucks to catch their favorite WEC stars mix it up inside the cage? Or is this strictly a "free -- or not for me" type of promotion? Thoughts?

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