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UFC Quick Quote: Randy Couture looking to make Brandon Vera fight a 'wrestling match' at UFC 105

"Well, I definitely don't want to stand around and allow him to establish his range and hit his rhythm. I'd like to make it as much of a wrestling match as I can. That's what's going to put me in the best position to win. I've seen Brandon fight a lot and I'm very familiar with his style, with how he uses his hands, with his motion. If you're a fighter, you definitely have to fashion your training camp to work out the right game plan for your opponent, to be ready for the problems he poses and to make the right plan to beat him. I've studied the places he likes to be and where he doesn't like to be and now it's up to me to use that in the Octagon."

-- UFC hall-of-famer and five time champion Randy Couture talks to MMA Fanhouse about taking opponent Brandon Vera out of his game and onto the ground at UFC 105 this Saturday in Manchester. It will be the first fight at 205-pounds for "The Natural" since he retired following his 2006 loss to Chuck Liddell. If he's successful against "The Truth," there have been some rumblings about a shot at Lyoto Machida in 2010. Can the aging wrestler continue to defy the odds? Or will Vera's Muay Thai send him back into retirement? Opinions please...

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