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Scott Coker 'honored' to have Strikeforce selected as the premiere league for EA Sports MMA video game



"EA Sports is the premiere game manufacturing company in the world and I've been an EA Sports fan since Madden 1! For them to have Strikeforce in their game as the premiere league, we're very honored."

--Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker reacts favorably to the inclusion of his San Jose-based mixed martial arts promotion in the upcoming release of "EA Sports MMA" video game. UFC President Dana White had a very public war of words earlier this year after White accused the gaming giant of turning down his offer for a video game partnership only to then create one of their own after the massive success of THQ's "UFC Undisputed." EA Sports will feature Fedor Emelianenko as a digitized version of himself facing any and all challengers — including UFC star Randy "The Natural" Couture, who retains control over his ancillary rights and has language in his contract that allows him the freedom to use his likeness outside of the UFC. Any Maniacs out there interested in adding a primarily non-UFC based video game to their collection? And what can EA do to separate itself from "Undisputed?" Opinions, please.

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