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Jason 'Mayhem' Miller doesn't want to hug Jake Shields on Nov. 7 ...


... he wants to beat him up:

"I think it’s funny how some people are underestimating me. I’m shocked at the odds. I should be the favorite. But oddsmakers’ jobs are to make money and to get action. I’m going to turn this into a brawl. I’m not interested in turning it into a hugging contest, which is what he may do. I want to keep the fight at a fast pace, while I think Jake will want to slow it down and grind it out. It’s possible, if I have my way, and Shields does his part, that we will have the fight of the night."

Will 'Mayhem' be able to keep it upright or will Shields grind out another decision and/or submission win to capture the Strikeforce middleweight championship this Saturday night? Predictions, please.

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