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UFC Quick Quote: Michael Bisping has something to prove at UFC 105

"I think he’s definitely got something to prove in this fight. To prove to himself and to his fans, because it’s in his hometown. So I think he’s going to try to make a statement with this fight. I don’t think he will, but that’s something else. I think that really after a knockout loss like that (at UFC 100), you’re always going to be questioning yourself, about ‘Am I going to be OK?,’ ‘Is my chin going to hold up?’ So that’s why I say he’s got to prove it to himself."

– Denis Kang talks to The Canadian Press about capitalizing on the damaged psyche of Michael Bisping at UFC 105 from the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena in Manchester, England, on Nov. 14. "The Count" went belly-up at UFC 100 after swallowing Dan Henderson's fist back on July 11. Can Kang do likewise in Manchester against the hometown hero in highlight-reel fashion? Or will he be just another step for the Brit on his journey back to title contention?

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