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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10: Episode 8 recap and discussion

Episode 8 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10 gets underway with a recap of the alleged fight between Matt Mitrione and Scott's Junk. The battered Junk insists he could have won the fight if there had been a third round. At least, that's probably what his team mates told him after they defibrillated him at the end of round two.

Rampage tees off on the gym door in disgust and ironically waits until Episode 8 to show any genuine emotion. Perhaps if he had been this fired up earlier in the season, he could have driven his team to a better record.

Or perhaps not.

He later apologizes to the door -- who is probably glad to be off the show, especially after some of the "fights" that have taken place this season.

Wes Sims decides to throw Matt Mitrione a party in celebration of his fight but the former NFLer appears to be a little too busted up to attend the grand shebang -- despite being the guest of honor.

On the stationary bike, Marcus Jones pedals his way into Rampage's heart, probably because he's all that stands between a spot in the semis and the total embarrassment of being the first coach in TUF history to lead his team to an 0-8 showing.

The next morning, Jones has the pleasure of waking up to a Vegas creepy-crawly trying to make a nest in the big man's shoe. He lets out a girlish yelp and Wes Sims swoops in and bludgeons it to death with a ski pole.

We get our first piano solo in several episodes as Mike Wessel hits the confessional and gets choked up talking about his wife who is stricken with cancer.

Fortunately he doesn't dwell on it and switches his focus to Marcus Jones, who he describes as a "massive man." Sounds like the Team Evans scouts have really done their homework. Regardless, Wessel is confident that he has a good shot to overcome the brute strength of his opponent.

Jones recounts his days in the NFL and admits he had the size and the competitive spirit, but not the desire to excel. In mixed martial arts, he wants to become "a student of the game."

He lets out a giggle and a grunt every time he masters a new aspect of training. He wants to remembered as a hell of a fighter, which unfortunately may not come at the expense of Mike Wessel, no matter how well he performs.

Some of the guys from Team Evans draw a caricature of Marcus Jones that accuses him of sucking balls. The jovial "Big Baby" goes from happy-go-lucky to Larry Drake in Dr. Giggles, complete with menacing death stare and threatening psycho-babble.

At the weigh-ins, Rampage tries to make nice with "Titties" but Schoonover isn't having it --especially after Jackson plays "Tune in Tokyo" with Darryl's prodigious chest. They have to be separated and once again cooler heads prevail.

The fighters make their predictions and it's pretty clear that Jones is the favorite heading into the fight. Wessel says he isn't afraid of Marcus Jones, he's afraid of being away from his wife for six weeks and having it all be for nothing.

Heavyweight elimination fight #8: Marcus Jones (4-2) vs. Mike Wessel (8-2)

Round 1: Jones stalking and eats a right. They clinch and struggle for position until Jones uses a trip attempt to wrestle Wessel to the ground. Jones gets his back but Wessel defends and rolls into mount. Unfortunately Jones is there waiting for him and locks up a painful armbar for the immediate tap. Jones looked a bit rigid on his feet but was very impressive on the ground.

Marcus Jones defeats Mike Wessel via submission (armbar)

Cue the piano solo as a defeated Wessel has to cope with the fact that he lost but also tries to stay upbeat and look to the future. Jones on the other hand is positively giddy for getting the biggest win of his career (to date).

Coach Jackson tells Jones that he's "Team Rampage for life" and I can't help but laugh out loud seeing as how Team Rampage ended up 1-7 in the competition.

Some distinction.

Following the fight's conclusion, Dana White gathers the coaches and the winning fighters to choose the semifinal match-ups. Roy Nelson rubs Dana the wrong way and White blasts him for the Kimbo fight.


Marcus Jones defaults to Rampage when asked who he wants to fight, so Jackson tries to feed him Darryl Schoonover. He's successful -- much to the chagrin of Coach Evans.

The Quarterfinal matches are announced and as follows:

Roy Nelson vs. Justin Wren

Brendan Schaub vs. John Madsen

James McSweeney vs. Matt Mitrione

Marcus Jones vs. Darryl Schoonover

After the announcements, Coach Evans extends an invitation to anyone on Team Rampage who wants to come and train with his guys. While I'm sure some of them wanted to go, they don't want to be disrespectful when the cameras are rolling and stand fast.

What a shock, Rampage and Rashad end up jawing at each other. Obscenities fly and crotches are grabbed.


Stay tuned next week as Matt Mitrione gets sent to the hospital, Kimbo tries to replace him and Roy Nelson hooks 'em up with Justin Wren. Who wins? Find out next Wednesday!

See you in seven!

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