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Patience, grasshopper: Gurgel will grapple in due time

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"If I made a dollar, man, if anybody asks me 'Why don't you use your jiu-jitsu?' ... It can be a 10-year-old kid in my gym to a 75-year-old man in a hair salon, the guy at the gas station, I'm always going to be asked the same question, 'Why don't you use your jiu-jitsu?' And just, everything comes in due time. I have a lot of confidence in my gym. I have a lot of confidence in my standup skills, and I enjoy trading punches. People have the misconception that I do this just to please promoters. It's nothing to do with that. I do it cause I enjoy it. I enjoy fighting standing, and I'm not the type of guy who will pursue the takedown. If the fight goes to the ground, I'm happy there, I'm comfortable there, I'm just not going to pursue the takedown all the time. I'm sure my career is far from over, so in due time, everybody is going to see me work on the ground. So patience, grasshopper. Patience."

Former UFC lightweight Jorge Gurgel responds to critics who don't understand why the Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt continually abandons his ground game in favor of an all out slugfest. Gurgel went on to win a unanimous decision on all three judges scorecards in his first appearance under the Strikeforce banner when he outpointed Connor Huen in an absolute war back at the June 19 "Challengers" event. Will he be able to replicate that performance against the undefeated Billy Evangelista at Strikeforce Challengers on Nov. 6?

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