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Mike Swick: Dan Hardy will have panic attacks -- not super powers at UFC 105



"You never know how fighters are gonna react to hearing either cheers or boos, but I don’t think the crowd’s gonna give him super powers. He’s gonna be the same fighter. He might have a better mentality and might be a little more pumped up when he walks out, but that’s what I want. I want him to be pumped up and I want to fight him at his best ... I can’t think of a fight that I’ve had where my opponent wasn’t saying how he’s gonna beat me up and do this or that. I guess it’s kinda normal for fighting, but it does always seem like the way they say it that they do underestimate me. And if they get in the ring with me and it doesn’t work out the way they had hoped, all that confidence turns to panic. I like watching that confidence turn to panic, and then securing that win. The more confident somebody comes into a fight, the better it is for me and my gameplan. An overconfident opponent is setting himself up for serious panic issues if things don’t work out the way he expects."

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) alum, Mike Swick, will not be rattled heading into his UFC 105 bout opposite Dan Hardy on November 14 in Manchester, England. The Texan made a "Quick" exit from his Sept. 19 number one contender bout against Martin Kampmann at UFC 103 after suffering a concussion during training. The former middleweight doesn’t want to waste any time getting back into the title hunt now that he’s recovered and despite a cheery effort by "The Outlaw," Swick is determined to come into hostile territory mentally prepared.

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