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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10: Episode 6 recap and discussion


Episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10 is now underway and in true TUF tradition Darryl Schoonover is drinking beer at 8am. At the gym, Coach Evans introduces guest trainer Phil Nurse (sans Vaseline) to his underlings. Nurse helps these guys mix it up in practice and Brendan Schaub throws hands with Schoonover in the ring.

The Evans gang does not like what they see from Shoonover in practice and his house mates rat him out regarding the liquor. Rashad tells him to put the bottle down and focus on training because he has the potential to shock Team Jackson.

Speaking of the coaching phenom, he runs into Schoonover during the gym transition and Rampage starts up with the insults, calling him "Titties" and making fun of him. Schoonover gets mouthy with the former champ and it gets ugly fast.

"Titties" points out that a street fight is a lot different than a cage fight and he admits to contemplating a future headbutt for Rampage.

During the fight selection, Coach Evans selects Schoonover to face Zak Jensen and following the pick, tempers boil over and Jackson and Schoonover have to be separated.

Rashad tries to resolve the dispute and naturally gets dragged right into it. Cooler heads prevail and Team Evans vacates the gym.

Kimbo relates Zak Jensen to Shrek's younger brother. He also gets compared to Piggy from Lord of the Flies and the cast is convinced he's going to blow a gasket and murder everyone in the house before the season is over -- but proceed to taunt him anyway.

Wes Sims even accuses him of sniffing his underwear.

Not to be outdone, Schoonover gets his serial killer on and shows off his gruesome tattoos of people in peril and Coach Evans gets a weird vibe from him.

Despite the creepiness factor, Rashad is impressed with the power that Schoonover has in his hands and looks forward to the reaction from Team Jackson when he lets his gloves fly.

Assistant Coach Tiki Ghosn decides he's not getting enough camera time and creates a collage of "Team Cocky," featuring caricatures of each fighter training on Team Evans.

Zak Jensen is mailing it during training and Kimbo blames it on a lack of self-confidence. Rampage asks Jensen if he wants him to call his Momma so she can come pick him up and rescue him from all this treachery.

No sooner does he try to turn up the intensity than an errant blow cuts him wide open. Off camera, Kimbo Slice lights up like a Christmas tree in anticipation of being a late replacement for the downed fighter.

Unfortunately for the eager beaver, Jensen isn't about to just give his spot away. He takes his stitches and goes right back to fight prep. Rampage beams like a proud Papa.

The cut seemed to rejuvenate Jensen as he's electric in practice, landing high kicks and scoring takedowns. A couple of fist bumps later and the coaches finally believe in him.

Rashad gets to the gym early and catches a glimpse of the "Team Cocky" collage and has a good laugh over it. He also thinks that Team Jackson being 0-5 is even funnier.

He disposes of the banner and rallies the troops, telling them to stay focused and keep winning fights while their opponents worry about the next big prank.

Both guys get through the weigh-ins without incident and on the day of the fight, Kimbo Slice lays out by the pool to work on his tan.

I wish I was making that up.

Rampage sneaks into the locker room and writes "Titties" on the sign under Schoonover's name. Rampage has officially become that guy at the party -- the one that keeps telling the same joke over and over until the sound of it causes physical discomfort.

Since editing in a laugh track is too obvious, some sack-toting suck-up lets out a forced giggle every time Rampage says "Titties." I glance at the clock to see that only eight minutes remain in the show as we cut to commercial.

Someone is obviously going to sleep.

Heavyweight elimination fight #6: Darryl Schoonover (10-0) vs. Zak Jensen (7-2)

Round 1: Schoonover makes a really mean face, eats a combo and ties Jensen up before pushing him to the cage. They clinch and Schoonover unloads, landing right after left until a wobbly Jensen scores a desperation takedown. From guard, Schoonover immediately locks up a triangle. Hammer fists by Jensen land, but do no damage. It takes him what seems like an eternity but Schoonover finally gets it secured and Jensen goes to sleep.

Darryl Schoonover defeats Zak Jensen via submission (triangle choke)

Jensen mopes about after the fights while Schoonover keeps it in perspective, recognizing he still has two more fights to win before he can get to the Finale. Instead of worrying about the next fight, Coach Rampage is worrying about the next prank.

Stay tuned next week as Team Rashad turns on Matt Mitrione, who may have finally gone off the deep end. The final fight selections are made and once again, Rashad and Rampage bicker to no end.

And will we get what's being billed as "The fight of the season?"

See you in seven!

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