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Wagnney Fabiano: Injury helped faciliate WEC 43 submission loss to Mackens Semerzier

Props: (via Bloody Elbow)


"My mistake was to fight. I was passing by problems, I didn’t want to say, to don’t keep giving excuses, my mistake. He got me on the triangle and I don’t know when was the last time that someone got me on that position in Jiu-Jitsu and Sumission’s career, even in training. Nobody ever caught me on this position because I stand up fast. Because of a little injury, my rib cracked when I was going to stand up and I came back. My mistake was to fight, but he did his work and I congratulate him."

WEC featherweight jiu-jitsu ace Wagnney Fabiano faults an injury for his shocking upset loss to promotional newcomer Mackens Semerzier at WEC 43: "Cerrone vs. Henderson" on Oct. 10. The former International Fight League (IFL) standout also mentions a possible move down to the 135-pound bantamweight division in order to avoid a potential match up with friend and training partner Jose Aldo, which could be a smart move on several accounts.

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