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Cain Velasquez is not on Andrei Arlovski's level


That's what Ben Rothwell told, anyway:

" ... I don’t put Cain at Andrei’s level. With Andrei, I tried to say it wasn’t that big a fight and there wasn’t pressure, but my body knew how big it was. It was kind of like when GSP fought Matt Hughes and he gave him too much respect. That’s what happened with me and Andrei. I gave him too much respect. But I don’t put Cain on his level at all. I don’t feel any more pressure than when I fought on an Adrenaline show. It’s like, he’s good? Fine, I’m good too. I feel a lot better about how I’ll perform."

Agree or disagree?

Rothwell, of course, lost to "The Pitbull" via third round knockout in July 2008. He's fought just once (a submission win over Chris Guillen later that same year) since that time.

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