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Hype or die: Pat Barry gots a lil' sumtin' for Antoni Hardonk -- and da Haterz

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"People got to hate you, this is what I learned doing the fighting sports; people are going to hate you no matter what, it don’t matter how well that you do. I’ve had a 1-second knockout and I still heard people talk crazy about how my haircut was or how awful my shorts was. People look at my measurements and just assume I’m really small and they might be right, they might be right maybe I am too small but if I punch you in the head you ain’t going to think I’m too small anymore. This fight means more to me than just going and getting a win because this is almost like a, oh you thought I couldn’t make it and now look at what I’m doing. That’s what (my) "Hype or Die" [concept] is, man just put your gloves on and swing for the fences every time or really don’t bother don’t waste your time."

"Ninth Ward Solider" Pat Barry coming straight outta New Orleans for Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on October 24. The 5' 11" heavyweight actually trained in Holland in the VAS Gym alongside Hardonk under K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost -- but left after five years and a kickboxing record of 18-6-1 due to a falling out with his Dutch mentor. Now he has a chance to prove just how far he's come by taking on his former team mate. Redemption? We'll know in just over a week.

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