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Shinya Aoki: Tatsuya Kawajiri's title challenge was (yawn) predictable

Props: DREAM Official


"I figured he would [call me out], but it made me laugh because his action was so predictable. During training, I told Caol Uno that I would borrow his words to retort if Kawajiri challenged me like that. Then, lo and behold, Kawajiri comes out dead serious. I just took it all in stride, because, come on, how did he think I would react? Kawajiri is so forthright, while I am just really devious. I think Kawajiri is a good fighter, so I can see myself fighting him; however, I do not know for sure yet. If I feel like fighting him, I will. But that's something I decide -- unfortunately, Kawajiri won't have any say in the matter."

On the heels of his submission win over Joachim Hansen, DREAM lightweight champion Shinya Aoki (22-4) responds to the title challenge issued by Tatsuya Kawajiri (25-5-2) after his TKO win over Melchor Manibusan at DREAM 11 on October 6. "Crusher" wants a piece of "The Tobikan Judan" at FieLDS Dynamite!! on New Year's Eve, but the submission specialist is looking to take some time off. Hopefully the boys over at FEG can ratchet up the hype and get these two signed for Dec. 31. If so, who ya' got?

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