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Who wins if Cain Velasquez fights Fedor Emelianenko?

"Definitely me. I'm a proud Mexican fighter. Anybody who steps in that ring with me, it's like fuck them, I'm gonna beat them. The guy's gonna have to kill me. I think he's an awesome fighter, he's the best. It's not like the movies or TV with the biggest and most muscular guy going out there and he's the baddest guy, it's not always like that. Like Cheick Kongo, I don't look anything like him, but if you got the heart and the fighter spirit, that counts for a lot."

-- So says UFC heavyweight prospect Cain Velasquez, who chats with MMA Fanhouse while doing the rounds to promote his fight against Ben Rothwell at UFC 104 from the Staples Center on Oct. 24. While it's widely believed the "Last Emporer" will never step foot inside the Las Vegas Octagon, it's not unrealistic to think that if he did, there would be plenty of guys waiting to take a crack at dethroning him (assuming Brett Rogers doesn't beat them to it on Nov. 7). Would Velasquez have a chance? Or would the Russian juggernaut be too much, too soon?

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