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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10: Episode 5 recap and discussion


Episode five of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 10 gets underway and Coach Evans is celebrating his 4-0 start to the competition. He does the right thing and credits his fighters and thinks he's gotten this far because he has better coaching than Team Rampage.

That's not saying much. Rampage is so bad even maligned TUF 3 coach Ken Shamrock is watching this season and saying "Damn that guy's a bad coach."

Matt Mitrione, last week's songbird, starts looking for a cortisone shot to help with a shoulder he tweaked in practice. Rashad is not trying to hear about any shots and tells him to get a rubdown and some ice.

Marcus Jones storms into the Team Evans locker room and asks Rashad why he hasn't been picked to fight yet. Rashad tells him to be patient and that when he picks him next, he'll get his chance to lose just like everyone else on Team Rampage.

Speaking of Team Jackson, the BA boys start training in the Octagon and work on their grappling. Rampage continues to shit all over Zak Jensen, who aside from being picked last, has done nothing to indicate he has any business being inside the cage. Team mate Scott Junk is far from impressed.

Back at the house, Wes Sims unknowingly steps in a puddle of Zak Jensen's albino tadpoles -- or so he accuses -- and proceeds to lay the ribbing on the sensitive wrestler rather thick.

Matt Mitrione gets to the gym and has Coach Evans tie him up in plastic wrap like a supermarket pallet stacked too high. He also claims to be ready to fight on a moment's notice but Rashad thinks he's a tough-talking phony.

Team Jackson gets to the gym and Zak Jensen blackouts while rolling with Wes Sims. Rampage thinks it's funny that he went to sleep so easily and understands if he's completely embarrassed.

Rampage taking the "tough love" approach it would seem.

Matt Mitrione gives his shoulder the rest it needs by shooting hoops in the swimming pool. The gang at the house is calling bullshit and thinks he's trying to sit out while the tougher fighters eliminate each other.

Brendan Schaub thinks "Meathead" should fight so they can just put the shoulder drama behind them.

It's time for the fight announcement and Coach Evans picks his own Justin Wren to face Wes Sims. Rashad recognizes the experience factor of Sims but thinks he's half the fighter Wren is.

Marcus Jones blows a gasket because he thought "Sugar" would be sweet enough to pick "Big Baby" for the next fight but alas, it was not to be.

Wren gets the requisite pre-fight biography and we learn he trains out of Travis Lutter's gym and he's only 22-years-old. He respects Sims' accomplishments but also thinks the big man hasn't evolved to keep up with today's fighters.

Sims, who trains with the boys over at Hammer House, also gets his share of camera time and whoot! whoot! -- Kimbo Slice is all aboard the Sims train in this fight. Slice also predicts he will fight again before the season is over.

During the commercial break we get a trailer for a movie that is based on a mysterious box: Push the button and you get one million dollars -- however someone you don't know will die as a result.

Make it someone from the telemarketing company that keeps calling me and I'll push it for free.

It's time for the weigh-ins. Wren and his purple panties come in at 247.5. A thong-sporting Sims registers 251. UFC President Dana White favors Sims in this match because of his experience.

Sims thanks Dana and the Fertittas on camera for bringing him back and promises many exciting fights -- starting with this one.

Heavyweight elimination fight #5: Justin Wren (8-1) vs. Wes Sims (22-12-1)

Round 1: Considerable size advantage for Sims, who looks like a white Tracy Chapman with his mop-top. Wren charges and pushes him to the fence. Rapid fire Lord of the Dance-style foot stomps from both. Sims pushes off. Jab by Sims followed with a clinch but Wren uses the off balance move to score the takedown. He immediately swings into mount and transitions to an arm-triangle. Sims tries to gut it out but has nowhere to go and takes a nap. Fight over. Dana laughs at the performance of Sims.

Justin Wren defeats Wes Sims via submission (arm-triangle choke)

Rampage says he never thought in a million years that Wren could submit Sims. Hey Rampage -- that might be why your guys keep losing. Team Jackson, for the second straight week, does not attend their fallen fighter inside the cage.

Wes Shivers says not to criticize Rampage because (by his own admission) he's a fighter, not a coach. Dana compares Jackson to Ken Shamrock from season three.


Evans confronts him about being a terrible coach and Rampage admits to wanting to have nothing to do with the role. They continue to trade barbs and play it up for the camera which by now is meaningless since they aren't fighting.

Stay tuned next week as Rashad tries to go 6-0, Darrell Schoonover gets in Coach Jackson's grill and Zak Jensen gets caught sniffing Wes Sims underwear.

They also tease that someone gets hurt -- will Kimbo replace him?

See you in seven!

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