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Anderson Silva's elbow + Vitor Belfort's weight = UFC 108 trouble


That's the latest ominous word from "The Spider" camp"

"They found some things that they weren’t aware of (during the surgery), which is a good thing. If we’re going to be fighting for the title, we want to make sure Anderson’s 100-percent.... Vitor has not fought in the UFC at 185 pounds. Now, I know people can say Anderson fought for the belt after one fight, and that’s true, but he fought at 185 pounds. At 195 pounds, he didn’t make weight, at first. So he couldn’t make weight at 195 pounds, but now he’s going to fight for the title at 185 pounds?"

Ed Soares, who manages Silva, indicated that out of respect for company president Dana White that they will accept the UFC 108 match, which is scheduled for Jan. 2, 2010, despite their reservations about Belfort's weighty issues (although he competed twice at 185 pounds before the 195-pound catchweight fight against Rich Franklin last month). Ultimately, he said, it's a "doctor's decision" that should come within the next 10 days. Until then, we wait. Impatiently.

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