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UFC Quick Quote: Rampage Jackson already has additional movie offers

Last King of Memphis

"It’s cool doing this movie! It is fun, but lots of work. I am playing a character that I thought was the coolest man alive growing up. I used to walk around my house pretending I was B.A. Baracus, reciting his lines to my family and friends. It proves to me how good God is. I can’t say [when I'll fight next]. I have other movie offers already and I really miss my kids, it’s a lot easier on your family doing movies then at a ten week fight camp. I really have to think things through. I’m not saying that I don’t want to fight (but) we'll see what the future holds."

--Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson checks in with Triumph United from the set of the new A-Team movie in Vancouver where "Rampage" is cast as B.A. Baracus in a role made famous by Mr. T in the mid 80's. Sounds like the gravy train is making a few more stops in Memphis according to Jackson and if he does indeed have incoming movie roles not named "Midnight Meat Train 2," it may be some time before we see the current Ultimate Fighter coach back inside the Octagon.

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