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UFC Quick Quote: If Rampage wants to act, he should act like a (expletive) coach

Zak Jensen

"The [Team Rampage] coaches decided to go to lunch after we had our practice. They didn't get there until about a half hour before the fight started. We were all sitting in the locker room waiting with Demico and listening to Brandon get ready. It was extremely disheartening that our coaches were nowhere in sight. They finally get there and say sorry, the Thai place was packed, and that they should've left someone at the gym. It just showed where Rampage's head was. Then after the fight, they just left Demico in the cage by himself. It was ridiculous and showed Rampage has basically given up on his team. The coaches went to have a meeting and came back to the locker room. That's when Rampage told Demico he gave up in the cage. You never say that to a fighter when his dream at being The Ultimate Fighter was just taken away. What kind of coaching style is that? Also the last thing Rampage said was that he had to go and read a part of the book he was carrying around for his acting class. I have an idea, why don't you start acting like a [expletive] coach!"

-- The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 contestant and guest blogger for Cagewriter Zak Jensen lashes out at the lack of support Demico Rogers received before, during and after his loss to Brendan Schaub on episode four of the Spike TV reality series. Following his submission defeat, Rogers was abandoned inside the cage by "Coach" Jackson, forcing members of Team Evans to come over and console him. It was a poor display of support that didn't sit well with Jensen -- or the viewers at home.

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