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BJ Penn: A 'burnt-out' Rampage could return to the UFC and fight again

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"Fighting wears on you — especially in this sport — so everybody wants to get the big break and do some stuff outside of the sport. That whole Rampage thing is amazing. I think he is perfect for the role. If anybody can do it, he can — but I want to see him with a Mohawk! I hope everything works out for him — but you could see him back in the UFC. Dana's a forgiving guy and I'm sure Rampage is too so I can see him fighting again. I hope this movie thing really works out for him though. He is a little burnt out but it'd be awesome to see him settle his differences with Rashad one day."

UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn weighs in on the sudden departure of former light heavyweight champion and Ultimate Fighter 10 coach Quinton Jackson. "Rampage" bailed on his UFC 107 showdown with Rashad Evans after landing the role of BA Baracus in the upcoming movie remake of "The A-Team." Will a burned out Jackson eventually return to the UFC, reinvigorated and ready to settle his differences with "Sugar?" Or has Rampage gone Hollywood once and for all? And if he does come back -- will anyone still care?

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