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WEC Quick Quote: Donald Cerrone hates Jamie Varner's face

No Cowboys

"(Jamie Varner) talks a lot of crap. I just don't like him as a person. You know I really got nothing bad to say about his fight game. He puts it out all on the line. Him as a person ... I don't have much nice to say about the guy. I'd like to punch him in his face every time I see him. ... I just don't like the dude. He's a punk. He just bugs me. You know he's just one of those people you just see and I hate his face."

– Donald Cerrone talks to the Las Vegas Review Journal about rematching WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner following his fight against Ben Henderson at WEC 43 on Oct. 10. "Cowboy" and "C-4″ fought a highly competitive and controversial fight back in January with Varner winning via technical split decision. The fight was stopped prematurely in the fifth round when Cerrone grazed Varner’s temple with an illegal knee while Varner was still on the ground. Varner was given time to recover, but said he was unable to continue because of vision problems. The two have been jawing back and forth ever since and could eventually settle their differences inside the cage -- but bet your bottom dollar that "Smooth" is planning on throwing a major wrench into those works this Saturday night.

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