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UFC 105: Dan Hardy's mind games cannot penetrate the Swick mental armor

Props: Daily Star


"Hardy realized that he could not only talk his way into getting the fight, but he knew he could also ­affect Davis’ performance. There is no question ­Hardy did a real great job of that. But it does not matter if Dan’s nice to me or talks crap like he did with Davis. I am a harder guy to ­figure out than Davis – my ­buttons are not so obvious. Neither of us are going to break mentally, so we have to break each other physically. It is going to be a war as there is so much at stake for us. There is so much I want to do in the UFC and this guy is not stopping that from happening. I like Dan –- but he is going down!"

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) alum, Mike Swick, will not be rattled heading into his UFC 105 bout opposite Dan Hardy on November 14 in Manchester, England. The Texan made a "Quick" exit from his Sept. 19 number one contender bout against Martin Kampmann at UFC 103 after suffering a concussion during training. The former middleweight doesn't want to waste any time getting back into the title hunt now that he's recovered and despite a cheery effort by "The Outlaw," Swick is determined to come into hostile territory mentally prepared.

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