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UFC 108: Will Vitor Belfort exchange blows with Anderson Silva?

ufc 67 anderson silva

If that's the gameplan of "The Phenom," which he says it is, "The Spider" doesn't think that's such a good idea:

"I don't think he would want to [fight standing]. No one would trade punches with me. If I were to fight someone of jiu-jitsu, I would not go to the floor.

Middleweight Muay Thai mauler, Anderson Silva, will be surprised if Vitor Belfort opts to mix it up standing when the two Brazilians collide inside the Octagon at UFC 108 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Jan. 2. Belfort has indicated that he intends to do what he does best, which is go for the knockout. He clearly has quick hands and great boxing. And he's demonstrated that recently with three straight convincing wins via punches. But Silva is so dangerous on his feet -- nine of his 10 wins inside the eight-walled cage have come by way of (technical) knockout. He's a human wrecking machine. Is Belfort the one who can finally hurt Silva upright, or will he be just another victim?

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