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Dana White: Kimbo Slice vs Roy Nelson fight 'sucked' on Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10


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"It’s hard to say why, but some people have it and some don’t, and Kimbo definitely does.... The fight (between Slice and Nelson) sucked. I wasn’t happy with any of the fights the first three weeks, to be honest. I was disappointed by the way we came out of the gate in terms of the fights. But the fights really get better. By episode 8, believe me when I tell you, you’re going to be going wild.... Hang in there, man. The season’s not over yet. Stay tuned is all I’ll tell you."

Despite an over-the-top (and shameless) media blitz earlier this week to promote episode three of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 on Spike TV, which featured YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice fighting Roy Nelson, UFC President Dana White admits after that fact that what was billed as "the biggest fight in Ultimate Fighter history" actually sucked. Nelson used his size and superior ground skills to smother Slice for most of the fight, scoring a second round technical knockout via strikes. However, it appeared to be Slice's inability to get off his back and not Nelson's repeated marshmallow-like blows that forced the referee to stop the action. Nonetheless, the episode went on the score crazy ratings, attracting 6.1 million viewers to become the fourth most-watched mixed martial arts bout ever on television in North America. White assures fans that the season, which has thus far featured three lackluster heavyweight bouts, will get better. Do you believe it?

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