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UFC 105 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Couture vs Vera' in Manchester on Nov. 14


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is ready for its return trip to the United Kingdom, storming the Manchester Evening News (MEN) Arena in Manchester, England TONIGHT (Nov. 14, 2009) at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV.

UFC 105 will air in the United States via tape delay at this time -- it already took place earlier today LIVE overseas. To check out quick results of all the action click here (Beware of spoilers!).

For those of you who decided to try and stick it out until the bitter end ... we've got you covered as usual. will provide blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of UFC 105, beginning with the Spike TV telecast at 8 p.m. ET below. Results from the under card action have already been recorded.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the broadcast to share their thoughts on the fights. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment or 105 before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Couture vs. Vera."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 105 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action!)


205 lbs.: Randy Couture defeats Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision
185 lbs.: Michael Bisping defeats Denis Kang via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
170 lbs.: Dan Hardy defeats Mike Swick via Unanimous Decision
170 lbs.: Matt Brown defeats James Wilks via TKO (Strikes) Round 3
155 lbs.: Ross Pearson defeats Aaron Riley via TKO (Cut: Doctor Stoppage) Round 2
155 lbs.: Terry Etim defeats Shannon Gugerty via submission (guillotine choke) in round 2
170 lbs.: John Hathaway defeats Paul Taylor via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Nick Osipczak defeats Matt Riddle via technical knockout (strikes) in round 3
155 lbs.: Denis Siver defeats Paul Kelly via technical knockout (strikes) in round 2
205 lbs.: Alexander Gustafsson defeats Jared Hamman via knockout (strikes) in round 1
155 lbs.: Andre Winner defeats Roli Delgado via knockout (punch) in round 1

Druby here for a night of solid fights overseas. Sit back and enjoy Maniacs we should be in store for some good hard hitting MMA.

Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera (205-pound limit)

Round one: Big left head kick then right hand from Vera to start the fight!! Vera with the clinch and lands a soft knee. Couture with his classic style switches and pushes Vera up against the cage and is working for a take down. Knees to the thigh from Couture. Knee to the stomach from Vera. The ref takes them apart. Couture ducks under a right from Vera and pushes him against the cage again and then gets the take down. Two good knees to the head from Couture as Vera works his way to his feet. Couture grabs a hold of a single and is working it hard. Couture with an over the top left and Vera clinches briefly and Couture lands some punches. That's the bell, minus an amazing start to the fight Couture controlled the octagon and did exactly what he wanted to do. 10-9 Couture.

Round two: Nice inside leg kick from Vera. Couture poked in the eye and their is a brief stoppage. Great knee to the body from Vera. Nice body kick from Vera but Couture uses it to get in close and presses Vera up against the cage once again. Nice knee from Vera. Couture with a good body shot. The ref breaks them apart again. Nice high kick from Vera and then a good body kick. Great right and knee to the sternum and Couture falls to the ground!!! Vera jumps on top and Couture grabs full guard right away. Their stood up. Couture presses Vera against the cage once again. Great right hook and uppercut from Couture. Another good left and dirty boxing paying off for Couture. Thats the end of the 2nd. Another very close round I'd give it to Vera for his striking but it could go either way. 10-9 Vera.

Round three: Nice inside leg kick from Vera and counter right from Couture. Couture lands three good rights and then a big combo up against the cage!!! Couture now goes right for the take down and good defense from Vera. Nice left right from Couture. Nice right from Couture. Good elbow from Couture. Short right and good elbow from Couture. They are broken apart again by the ref. Great kick to the body from Vera and another and Couture is feeling it his ribs look hurt. Nice knee to the body and combo from Couture. Vera going for a take down. Vera manages to get the take down!! Vera right into full mount! 30 seconds left. Couture gives up his back and is right back to his feet. Couture with a good right and knee and Vera with one of his own!! Both fighters throwing punches to end the round! That's the bell, another extremely close round. Vera with the late take down and mount scored but Couture got out and up very quickly. Id say 10-9 Couture in round three, but this was a very, very close fight and could go to either fighter.

Final result: Randy Couture defeats Brandon Vera via Unanimous Decision


Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang (185-pound limit)

Round one: Bisping big high kick misses. Nice leg kick from Kang. Nice hook from Kang. Nice leg kick from Kang. Bisping walks right into a solid right hand from Kang and he falls to the mat!! Kang now jumps on top in half guard looking to pass. Bisping with great ground defense this isn't a position we are use to seeing him in and he is doing well at not taking any damage. Kang now works his way into full mount!! Bisping with a great hip escape and has Kang back in half guard, now Bisping works to full guard. Kang with some good elbows and Bisping goes for an arm bar but cant lock it up. That's the bell, Kang controlled position most of the round although he didnt do much damage. 10-9 Kang but this is still anyone's fight.

Round two: Bisping misses with a big head kick. Jab from Bisping. Nice left right combo from Bisping. Inside leg kick from Bisping. Kang misses with a big right. Bisping looking for range as is Kang and neither seem to have it. Bisping with a surprise single leg take down! Bisping posturing up and is landing some good punches. Hammer fists from Bisping and Kang works his way to his feet but Bisping lands a sick combo that cuts Kang up. Easy double leg take down from Bisping and hes back on top pounding away with punches. Kang is bleeding bad, on the bridge of his nose. Left hook from Bisping. Nice jab from Bisping. Kang is wobbly on his feet and now Bisping with another double leg take down and again he is pounding away. Knees to the body from Bisping and now he's throwing some big punches and Kang is covering up!!! The ref steps in and stops it! Micheal Bisping rocked in the 1st round comes back for an impressive victory

Final result: Michael Bisping defeats Denis Kang via technical knockout (strikes) in round two


Dan Hardy vs. Mike Swick (170-pound limit)

Round one: Inside leg kick from Swick. Great right hook from Hardy as Swick charged in. Hardy presses Swick against the cage and lands some good knees. Hardy with a couple rights to the body. Swick with some knees to the gut of his own. Knees to the thigh from Hardy. Hardy and Swick both exchange knees to the stomach. Low blow knee from Swick and the ref stops the fight. Swick ducks under and is looking for the take down. Knee to the side from Hardy. Hardy with some more knees to the body. Hardy with a tough knee to the body that you could hear knock the wind out of Swick. Swick with a good knee to the body and he wont give up on working for the take down even though he is known as a striker. Hardy with another great knee to the body. Both guys land some good right hooks to finish up the round. Tough round to score, id lean towards Dan Hardy 10-9 for his take down defense and more effective striking but it could go either way.

Round two: Hardy lands a big left hook then right and Swick is hurt bad!!! Swick grabs a hold of Hardy and is trying to gain back his bearings. Nice elbow from Hardy. Another big elbow from Hardy. For some reason Hardy is working for a take down even though he had Swick hurt bad. Nice body shots from Hardy. Nice knees to the body from Swick. Nice left hook then two vicious rights from Mike Swick. Hardy with a good elbow to the head and then a huge uppercut. Nice knee to the body from Swick. Body shots from Hardy and now their apart again. Swick slips on a head kick. Nice leg kick from Hardy. Swick with a great right left combo. Great left hook counter from Swick. Inside leg kick from Hardy. Nice left hook again from Swick. Left hook from Swick. Hardy with a good body shot. Nice elbow and then left hook from Hardy. Another very very close round, Hardy could have finished the fight but inexplicably went for the take down instead of the win. None the less ill give that round to Hardy 10-9 for doing more damage but it could go either way.

Round three: Good leg kick from Hardy. Nice right from Hardy and then a good left from Swick. Inside leg kick from Hardy. Swick with a big right left combo!!! Hardy seems to be able to eat these punches. HUGE left hook and Swick is hurt bad!!! Swick is wobbly, and again for some reason Hardy goes for the take down!! Hardy gets it and is on top now. Hardy with some elbows. Swick is cut now. Swick looking for a triangle and Hardy lands a right. The ref stands them up. Sharp left hook from Hardy. Inside leg kick from Hardy. Swick with a flurry but doesnt land. Swick is hesitant after being hurt bad twice. Swick jumps in for a flurry and Hardy lands a counter left and thats the bell. Overall it was a very close fight, however Hardy had Swick out on his feet twice this fight and just did much more damage on the feet. He could have easily won the fight if he would have went for the kill instead of the take down when he had Swick hurt. Hardy should win this decision none the less.

Final result: Dan Hardy defeats Mike Swick via Unanimous Decision


Matt Brown vs. James Wilks (170-pound limit)

Round one: Leg kick from Brown. Both guys tied up. Brown pressing Wilks up against the fence. Great over the top elbow from Brown. Wilks looking for the take down and Brown turns his back and Wilks goes to jump on Browns back!!! Brown able to shake him off and now Wilks pressing him up against the cage looking for a take down. Great overhand right then head kick from Brown. Another big right from Brown and Wilks goes right for a take down after he gets rocked a bit. Brown with great defense. Great head kick from Wilks. Good right from Wilks. Wilks has a bad mouse under his left eye and its starting to close up. Wilks still working hard for the take down but Brown is stopping it with good defense. Standing guillotine from Brown and then Wilks somehow slips out and gets a double leg take down. Back to their feet. Leg kick from Wilks. That is the bell, good round for both fighters a very close round. Ill give it to Brown for his much sharper and stronger striking. 10-9 Brown.

Round two: Good leg kick from Brown. Nice jab from Wilks good counter right from Brown. Brown lands a BIG flying knee and Wilks is down to his back!! Brown is looking to finish this fight and is pounding away with punches!! Brown briefly goes for a leg and then Wilks somehow grabs a leg and goes for a submission but Brown is out and now both men are back to their feet. Wilks holding onto the double leg trying to recover. Nice knee then elbow from Brown. Clinch from Brown and then a good knee. Wilks looking for a single leg but Brown using a kimura attempt as defense. Wilks has Brown pressed against the cage. Brown with a big left to the body then a HUGE left right combo and Wilks drops to the ground and is hurt!!! Brown now pounding away on Wilks. Wilks with a hold on a leg rolls over Brown and lands on top in side control! Wilks looks gassed. Wilks postures up and tries to land a blow and then lands right into a triangle choke!! Brown locks it in but the bell rings!! WOW that would have been the end of this fight, Brown controlled that round with crisp stand up and Wilks looks to be gassed big time. 10-9 Brown.

Round three: Body kick from Brown and then Wilks with a good front kick. Nice left hook from Brown. Another nice left hook from Brown. Brown with a clinch and then lands a knee, Wilks has Browns back briefly. Brown with a take down and Wilks has a kimura!!!  Wilks trying to crank the kimura and Brown slips out!! Brown jumps on top into full mount and he starts pounding away!!!! Wilks looks like he has nothing left! The ref stops it! Brown wins with some serious ground and pound!

Final result: Matt Brown defeats James Wilks via TKO (Strikes) Round 3


Ross Pearson vs. Aaron Riley (155-pound limit)

Round one: Pearson with a left hook but misses. Leg kick from Pearson. Short right hand from Pearson snaps on point. Leg kick from Pearson. Nice right then head kick from Pearson. Clinch and good knee to the body from Pearson and now he pushes Riley up against the cage and lands a good uppercut straight right and two knees to the stomach. Great knee then a big punch from Pearson!! Pearson with a monster left hook to the body!! Pearson is roughing up Riley. Leg kick from Pearson. Great over the top elbow then a big left hook. Sick body kick from Pearson and hes dominating. Superman right punch from Pearson while Riley lands a left. Big right hook then two head kicks that land. Nice right hook from Pearson. Nice right to the body from Pearson. Great body kick from Pearson. Clinch from Pearson and he lands a knee to the head then body. Thats the bell. Pearson dominant. 10-9 Pearson, Riley is on borrowed time at this pace.

Round two: Great right snaps the head back of Riley. Pearson right into the clinch and both guys exchange knees. Two nice elbows from Riley. Good over hand right from Pearson. Nice left the double right from Pearson. Leg kick from Pearson. Great left hook from Pearson. Nice right left combo from Pearson. Riley just cant seem to throw. Another great combo from Pearson. Nice right then head kick from Pearson. Knee to the body then right left combo from Pearson again. Nice uppercut from Pearson. BIG left right combo from Pearson. Riley cant seem to unleash anything. Big flying knee from Pearson then he unloads a big knee to the body and solid uppercut. The ref needs to stop the fight to look at the cut. Thats it this fight is over. Ross Pearson literally dominant from Bell to bell this entire fight. He uses a HUGE flying knee to finish this fight with a vicious cut.

Final result: Ross Pearson defeats Aaron Riley via TKO (Cut: Doctor Stoppage) Round 2


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