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Boxing bigot Bob Arum: MMA is for skinheads and homosexuals


Props: MMA Fanhouse


"I look at the UFC audience and the boxing audience as being two different audiences entirely. Our audience in boxing is ethnic, Hispanic, Filipino, Puerto Rican, Mexican and the hardcore boxing fan who can't watch, like me, UFC. The UFC are a bunch of skinhead white guys watching people in the ring who also look like skinhead white guys. 90-percent of the people in the audience wear tattoos. For me and people like me, it is not something they ever care to see. They watched it, it's horrible, guys rolling around like homosexuals on the ground. I mean it's not a sport that shows great, great talent. The guys who throw punches can't throw a punch to save their ass, when the punches land, the guys have no chins. These guys are not like boxers. There is no way the (UFC 100) pay-per-view generated the kind of numbers they put out. I know what the numbers were -- south of one million. They're not a public company. Who's to check?"

Long-time professional boxing promoter Bob Arum continues to embarrass himself in public, this time by calling UFC fans and fighters a bunch of "skinheads" who "roll around like homosexuals." Perhaps he missed UFC 98, the one that featured Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans fighting for the UFC light heavyweight belt. It's time for this geezer to retire and direct his talents elsewhere. Like sitting on his front porch and shaking his fist at the teens who drive too fast down his block while "Cocoon" plays in the background.

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