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UFC invades Ameba Blog to increase presence in Japanese market

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) continues to creep into the Japanese market after partnering with Japan's number one social networking and blog site, Ameba Blog, to create UFC/WEC fighter blog pages.

MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Ameba ... get those bookmarks organized folks.

Though you must be able to read Japanese to comprehend the content of these blogs, the non-Japanese fans can nevertheless get a glimpse of the day-to-day happenings and musings of the fighters, as a lot of the entries include pictures.

Interestingly enough, UFC Octagon girl, Logan Stanton (who apparently is quarter-Japanese) maintains her page on Ameba Blog. Her blog, of course, is in English so her fans can rejoice as they can "get the inside scoop they can't get anywhere else" (euphemism for stalking!?)

To the delight of the "Sexyama" worshippers, Yoshihiro Akiyama is one of the current fighters with a blog page: Now they will have a daily dose of pictures of their idol.

As posted on the UFC news section, the following are the blog pages for the select UFC/WEC fighters (and Logan Stanton): Caol Uno, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Logan Stanton, Yoshiyuki Yoshida, Takeya Mizugaki, Kenji Osawa and Akitoshi Tamura.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Ameba-UFC connection as more fighters sign on -- or in the best case scenario, the UFC finally makes its return to Japan.

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