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MMA Quick Quote: Joachim Hansen explains the head injury that sidelined him since 2008

Joachim Hansen

During the final phase of training, I lifted my training partner for a takedown, and he tried to defend tenaciously. After staggering on my feet, we both fell head first on to the floor and I hit my head pretty hard. Even though I retained consciousness, I did not feel well, as I suffered from dizziness and headache. So I decided to halt the training and go to my room to rest. After a while, when I felt sufficiently recovered, I tried to get up from bed. At that moment, I experienced severe vertigo and I ended up blacking out. When I regained consciousness, I was lying on the floor and my teammates were asking me I were all right. As soon as my manager saw me, he told me that we should go to a hospital, and the DREAM staff immediately took me to a nearby hospital. At the hospital, I had my head examined with X-ray and CT Scan but no evidence of fracture on the skull or hemorrhaging was found. The doctor explained to me that, while no anomaly was found on the images from the X-ray and CT Scan, I had exhibited symptoms of concussion. I told him that I absolutely wanted to proceed with my fight; however, he said that, as a doctor, he would never clear me to fight under the circumstance, so I had to accept his verdict. I was extremely crestfallen when I thought about my fans, Cavalcante, and promoters. DREAM was kind enough to make my health a top priority, and allowed me to recuperate for about six months.

DREAM 2008 lightweight grand prix winner Joachim Hansen, who is set to battle Shinya Aoki at DREAM 11 on October 6 for the promotion's lightweight title, talks to about the head injury that kept him on the sidelines since his July 2008 win over "The Tobikan Judan." The Norwegian brawler was set to throw down with Gesias "JZ" Calvancante in a non-title bout at "FieLDS Dynamite!! 2008" on New Years Eve, however, "The Executioner" (as he's known in Japan) failed to obtain pre-fight medical clearance after landing awkwardly on his head during training. Now Hansen is back and ready to take the rubber match against Aoki -- but can he overcome more than a year of inactivity?