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Vitor Belfort: Anderson Silva is 'a fight I wouldn't like to do to'



"The problem is that Anderson has too much people around him. I like him, I still like him after everything he said. I still cheer for him, but I think he has a lot of people around him. I’m an employee, he’s an employee too, we can’t pick our fights. Of course that’s a fight I wouldn’t like to do to, I like him a lot, no matter what he says."

Vitor Belfort isn't that high on an opportunity to challenge Anderson Silva for his 185-pound crown. He'll do it, but it's not an ideal situation to compete against a fellow Brazilian and someone who he considers a friend. However, Silva has remarked that Belfort is not his friend, but someone who he respects and is willing to fight without reservation if called upon. "The Phenom" is the latest addition to the UFC middleweight class and someone who company president, Dana White, would like to see earn a title shot to one day challenge "The Spider." Before that can happen, however, both fighters need to take care of other business -- Belfort is set to battle Rich Franklin next month and Silva is penciled in to take on Dan Henderson before year's end. Are Belfort and Silva on a collision course, whether they like it or not?

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