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Chuck Liddell: 'Dancing with the Stars' introduces the UFC to a new audience



"One, it’s my daughter’s favorite show and two, I think it’s a chance to get some exposure to another audience for the UFC and myself. I’m used to training pretty hard and it is different muscles you’re using you’re not used to, but I’m used to the long days, and working hard, and three month training camps. Really, I’m working for a month and if it goes well I’ll be on the show for two and a half months."

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell looks forward to hot-stepping his way into America''s living rooms on the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC. The hit show will debut on September 21 and find out just how much "The Iceman's" footwork has improved since his last stint inside the Octagon -- but will you tune in to watch?

To hear more from Liddell on his new endeavor check out his interview with ESPN after the jump:

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