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Georges St. Pierre wants to compare karate with Lyoto Machida

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"My Karate style is Kyokushin and Lyoto’s is Shootokan, the rules are a little different. But I think it isn’t the style that makes the fighter, is the fighter that makes itself, and Lyoto Machida is a great fighter. I would love [to train with him], because I love Karate and Lyoto is a great fighter."

Georges St. Pierre talks about his desire to train alongside fellow karate practitioner and UFC champion, Lyoto Machida, sometime in the near future. "Rush," who primarily trains with Firas Zahabi at Tristar Gym in Montreal and Greg Jackson in New Mexico, often mixes up his camps to maximize his performance inside the Octagon. He has enlisted the services of Olympic boxers and wrestlers, as well as Muay Thai under Phil Nurse and kickboxing under French master Jean-Charles Skarbowski. Oh yeah, he also has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Bruno Fernandes from the Gracie Barra camp. He's well rounded to say the least. Perhaps a return to his roots -- he took up Kyokushin Karate at seven-years-old to defend himself against a bully -- is the next evolution of the 170-pound champion? Scary.