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Josh Barnett next 'fight' scheduled for Inoki Genome Federation on Aug. 9

Josh Barnett -- who recently failed a pre-fight drug screening for anabolic steroids prior to a showdown with Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction: "Trilogy" on Aug. 1 -- will return to action at Inoki Genome Federation in Japan on Aug. 9, according to his manager, Shannon Hooper, via a report on MMAFanHouse.

However, it's a professional wrestling gig -- not a mixed martial arts bout.

"The Baby Faced Assassin" has enjoyed a successful career in "The Land of the Rising Sun" in this capacity for several years. Now it appears with his options limited stateside, the former UFC champion is already heading overseas to collect a paycheck.

That's perhaps more than several of the other fighters can say who were scheduled to compete at "Trilogy."

Barnett's positive test led to Affliction MMA's house of cards to come crashing down, calling it quits as a fight promoter and returning to the UFC as a corporate sponsor with its clothing brand. Several intriguing fights were scrapped as a result, forcing fighters to search for work elsewhere ... Barnett included.

The good news for Barnett is that Japan is a place that has been very good to him. In fact, in an interview he did with us back in January, he talked about how he still wrestles on a regular basis and how he doesn't find it to be much different that fighting as a mixed martial artist:

Here's a snip:

"I continue to wrestle over in Japan for the IGF on a fairly regular basis — at least four matches maybe five matches a year. In my mind, whether I’m over there in Japan in the IGF or in the ring in Affliction, they’re all pro wrestling to me. I’m fighting for the entertainment of the fans."

Barnett indicated that he intends to appeal this most recent steroid finding with the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC). His second "B" sample is currently being tested to confirm the initial positive result.

If it's upheld it could mean that Barnett's license to fight in the United States could be revoked for a good amount of time, forcing him to remain exiled in Japan indefinitely. With a looming Sengoku heavyweight grand prix looming, and a successful wrestling career, however, it may not be such a bad twist of fate after all.

Keep in locked on as we'll let you know more on Barnett's future when it's announced.

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