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Wes Sims: 'What this sport needs is a few villains'

Props: Lancaster Eagle Gazette


"I kind of enjoy being the bad guy. If you go out there and you don't do anything, people aren't going to care and you're not going to get paid. There's plenty of Randy Coutures in the business now, plenty of good guys. What this sport needs is a few villains. There's nothing worse than eliminating somebody (on TUF) and then having them around in your hair bugging you. It's mentally draining there. You have no one to talk to. No phone; no television. But I loved it. It didn't bother me. I went in there and messed with a lot of people."

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 contestant Wes Sims gets ready for another run at UFC stardom on the upcoming Spike TV reality show scheduled to debut on September 16. "The Project" is perhaps best known for his back-to-back losses to Frank Mir in 2003 along with the PRIDE-style stomps that garnered him a disqualification in their first bout. Now with Brock Lesnar and his evil empire ruling the heavyweight division, it sounds like Sims is ready to return to the Octagon and join the dark side. Assuming he makes it out of TUF 10, will fans welcome his return? And isn't one heavyweight villain enough?

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