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WEC Quick Quote: Miguel Torres needed a hug and Mark DellaGrotte gave it to him

"I said I don't mind getting hit, and (DellaGrotta) said, 'That's not smart. Everyone knows you're super tough, everyone knows you can take a punch. Everyone knows you're the man. You want to impress somebody? Don't get touched. Don't get hit.' I was frustrated by that. I said, No, I want someone to hit me. It's the macho thing. And he said, 'You know what you need? I'm going to help you.' And he hugged me. At first, I said, Let go of me man. But he just kept hugging me. It was kind of funny, but I did need a hug. No one ever gave me a hug before. It was what I needed."

-- WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres talks to Yahoo Sports about his evolution inside the gym after training with MMA guru Mark DellaGrotte, who brings a revolutionary "hugs, not drugs" philosophy to his training camp. Torres (37-1), who is widely considered the best bantamweight in the world, will next fight Brian Bowles (7-0) and defend his title once again in the WEC 42 main event on August 9. Could the era of "Lay and Pray" be extinct in favor of the new "Hugs and Slugs?" Stay tuned...

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